Worcester is an amazing city with glorious scenery all around. Everything you need from the beautiful cathedral to a vibrant city centre is within a five-minute walk. The River Severn flanks the western side of the city centre, which is overlooked by Worcester Cathedral. On a clear day it is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the town and watch the world go by.

Moving to Worcester from South Wales and living away from home for the first time I was a little nervous about being in a new city on my own. During my first year I lived on campus and being a mature student, I felt secluded and could not get involved with any of my other flatmates’ activities. I travelled back home almost every weekend as I was alone and had yet to fully immerse myself into Worcester life. But right in the heart of Worcester there is student accommodation that made living here that little bit easier. This year I am living at Farrier House Student Accommodation and living here has made being away from home a whole lot easier. Farrier House offers state of the art facilities and a real community where lifelong friendships can be created and flourish.  With friendly staff that make moving in effortless to friendly flatmates that make your day a little bit better with the odd “hello” and “how are you?”. The positive and happy faces of both staff and flatmates is a warming notion when you’ve had a tough day at University. 

Since moving to Worcester this year, I have taken advantage of the excellent location of the accommodation and its amenities. Throwing myself into my studies and sport, I am able to keep up a healthy balance of work and play. Worcester University boasts a plethora of facilities to enable this. 




Why join a sports club at University?

What would you say if I told you that being in a sports club whilst studying can improve your overall experience at uni? Or that it can in fact make your degree stand out, and in the long run, make you look great when applying for your dream job? Well for me, and many others who participate in uni sport, this is true, and in this blog post I’m going to tell you why!

Bryony 2.PNG

Hi, my name is Bryony, and I am in the uni’s cheerleading team. At the very start of my first year at uni I really struggled with living away from home, making new friends, and fitting in, as well as starting a degree course in a city I didn’t know! The first few weeks were tough, and I didn’t know if I wanted to stay or leave – but then I tried cheerleading and my whole perspective changed!

Participating in cheer was not only great fun, but it also gave me something new to try, and I made a whole new bunch of friends. Instead of feeling sad and lonely, my evenings were now filled them with training, and socials (I’ll tell you a little more about Worcester Wednesdays later on…). It has also been proven that doing exercise alongside studying helps with stress levels, which ultimately boosts health, improves your mood, and promotes better sleep (and we all need better sleep!). There is also opportunities linked to uni sport such as using training as your personal development hours for the Worcester Award*, and becoming a member of the committee, that helps with employability and makes you stand out when applying for jobs once you’ve completed your studies. 

*The Worcester Award is the universities employability award for students who volunteer and  participate in extra curricula whilst studying. It gets added to your degree transcript when you graduate and makes you look extra fancy!

Now earlier I said I’d tell you about Worcester Wednesdays… On Wednesdays all sports teams have a social where they play games and have fun. Some socials involve going to do activities such as bowling and others are more focused on drinking in silly dress up outfits (however they’re still fun sober! And yes, I did dress as a carrot). After social all of the different university sports teams join together and have a massive student night out! It’s great fun, and even if you’re not interested in joining a team to play sport, you can join any team as a ‘social member’ to still enjoy Worcester Wednesdays.

The university offers many different sports, including football, rugby, dance, American football, futsal, basketball and pole fitness, just to name a few! Some are competitive teams which compete in a number of competitions including the BUCS league and our annual varsity against the University of Gloucester, and some are recreational so that you can enjoy sport without the commitment or competitive element. So there is bound to be something that takes your fancy, and it might just be the cherry on the top of your university experience.

Thank you for reading, if you have any questions about university sport the best people to talk to is the Students Union, or message individual teams via their social media accounts. 


Are you the type of student who wants to live and study in the funkiest, grooviest but safest city around? Look no further because Worcester has so much to offer!

Worcestershire city is going through a time of change. Each day the students and locals of Worcester are adapting to the way of the world and embracing all the finer things in life! Accommodation on your doorstep, vintage shops on the corner and cocktail bars on the weekend, what’s not to love?! Moving to a new city is the time to let all your worries go and embrace the way in which a vibe can change and shape your lifestyle. 

The University of Worcester has so much to offer (I’m not even exaggerating!). Trying to balance a healthy lifestyle, achieving success on your course as well as having your own space and catching up with friends can become overwhelming. The best tip from experience and others is to live in a city where you get the best of both worlds. With campuses and coffee shops in town, a way of everyday life is simplified. Not to mention the golden library which is metres from the high street which becomes your second home once academia work takes over. 

Fortunately, Worcester city is a communal environment which obtains people from all paths of life by sharing wisdom to achieve your goals! Each month there are a wide range of events occurring. My recent favourite being, moving back to university in September to catch up with old friends and discuss summer, followed by heading to the Vintage Sale held in the Guildhall. Contrasting to this, the social sports fair held by the university which allows students to join football, netball and every other sport you can think of. Although, living in the city has the perks of having two gym centres within walking distance. 

Worcestershire is not a final product of how your life should be for your experience at university. It is a process of change and adapting to different routines. The best way to live your life when in a city is to go with the flow. Attempt everything because there are opportunities left, right and centre so, please come join us in living your best life.